So I am at a loss and Google isn’t helping. I am currently possess several larger (bigger than Duplo and I think Quatro) bricks that say Lego. The bricks were purchased by the infamous BobG at the flea market at the State Fairgrounds.

IMG_6920My question is are they real and if so where can I find more information on them?  The closest I have come so far is this image which gives me no real information but is the first image I’ve seen online of the mystery brick.

The Lego logo on the brick closely resembles the ones used from 1953-1955. (Look at the similarities between the O.) You can see it better on the close-up images after the jump.

So that is where I am now.  I need your help.  If you can confirm what these are I’d love to hear from you.  I am going to post the link to this post on message boards and email folks that may have an idea. If you need more or different pictures of the bricks let me know – they are sitting here on my desk and I would be more than happy to take a few more.

Posted in the following places – and – hopefully we’ll have an answer soon.